Just Like Us

As I write this article, I watch in amazement as the preschool children are playing on the new playground. As I observe, I notice the many different personalities among these 3 and four yr. Old children. Some are more aggressive than others are, many are seeking others to play with, and others are content with themselves, several are daring as they climb the ladder while others are more comfortable with both feet on the ground.
As they play, I ask, “Isn’t this a microcosm of life and even the church we love?” Not only do these children live in their world, but they also represent our world where some are comfortable leading and others would rather follow. Some are risk-takers while others are risk-avoiders. There are those who are introverts while others are extroverted and the life of every party! We are a diverse community of seekers, doubters, believers, disciples, coverts, and cynics all loved by God as we make our way through the playgrounds of life.
The ah-ha moment happens when a child who was afraid of the ladder begins to climb through the encouragement of a classmate. Another child faces the fear of the slide and now runs to do it again, even faster. The teacher reaches down to take a lonely child to play with others and becomes the BMOC (Big Man on Campus); even if just for that moment, are all reminders of what we might become when we face our fears, receive encouragement and trust ourselves.
So while one child sits on the bench and cries comforted by his teacher, two others are off by themselves swinging on a swing and as the majority experience free play with lots of screams and laughter; it looks and sounds like the Church of Jesus Christ!
Have to close, as the whistle just signaled the end of playtime, nothing left to watch!


Author: pastormarkweb

Married to Lynne, Father to Matthew and Lacey, "Pop" to Brody, Grady, Emma, Bennett and Avery! Pastor of the Endwell United Methodist Church in Endwell, NY as I enter my 33rd year of ministry.

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