How about some good news?

I am struck by the constant stream of negativity that seems to dominate our world.  In our 24-hour news cycle, it is easy to become cynical and surmise that the world must be crashing around us and that evil has an upper hand on goodness, generosity, and love.   However, if we are able to free ourselves from the “Breaking News” which so often is the previous news hour rehashed, and look around us, we do see goodness, justice, and peace.

Locally, last weekend hundreds gathered to pack over 100,000 meals for hungry children around the world.  Yesterday we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our Monday Night community dinner that offers a free hot meal to anyone that works in concert with several other community meal programs.  160 brown paper bags were also handed out and will come back next Sunday filled with food and delivered to a local food pantry for the upcoming holiday needs.  The good news is that outreach like this happens in almost every community but never as “breaking news”.  Just quietly, concerned and loving people filling the most urgent of needs.

So while our political leaders spend most their time investigating each other to position themselves for re-election and our news sources continue to be funded by private interests, let us resolve to continue doing good and working for peace and justice.  While our work together may not make the evening news it may very well be a lead story for those we serve.


Author: pastormarkweb

Married to Lynne, Father to Matthew and Lacey, "Pop" to Brody, Grady, Emma, Bennett and Avery! Pastor of the Endwell United Methodist Church in Endwell, NY as I enter my 33rd year of ministry.

2 thoughts on “How about some good news?”

    1. It is easy to get embraced by the darkness and perhaps is our responsibility as believers to share the light, goodness, and life that still overcomes.
      This is not a call to dismiss our present evils, rather identify the importance of recognizing its existence and overcoming evil with good.


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